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Safe and Healthy Meat Products from Biotech Farms

Economically viable. Efficient. Socially responsible. These are what Biotech Farms lives by. And as a producer and supplier to KCC Supermarket’s best quality and safest fresh meat, dairy, and produce for its consumers, Biotech Farms ensures high quality and safety in these products are delivered.

Biotech Farms  has also its very own fermentation plant where they produce and use their own organic fertilizer. But what do we really need to know about Biotech Farms? How do they actually guarantee that the meat and dairy products are healthy and safe for the consumers?

The farm has a closed house system where climate control system is used and there is minimal human intervention because everything is fully automated. The facility also has a tunnel vent. This way, the swine are not stressed out, poultry and layers are fresh and clean resulting to a high health status. Another contributing factor is that the animals are antibiotic-free, so there is no drug residue.

Dr. Harold Eslabon, the farm’s resident veterinarian, said that it is their mission to bring awareness to the consumers that by buying their products, they don’t only get healthy, safe, and the best quality products but they’re also helping in protecting the environment. The farm has microturbines that run on biogas, which means they use renewable energy for the power consumption of their entire facility - another first and remarkable milestone in the region, in the Philippines, and in Asia.

This also means that the farm’s carbon emission or footprint is significantly reduced. Biogas is a renewable energy, from animal wastes, that is converted to electricity. This biogas is also accredited by UNFCCC. With the said technology, the farm is a self-sustaining facility because it produces and uses its own electricity and is also a zero-waste farm because everything is recycled including water. It’s only a matter of time that they’d also be able to provide rural powerless communities with electricity.And looking forward to five years from now, Dr. Eslabon sees the farm having a fully integrated system.

As aforementioned above, the farm is socially responsible and it is not only in terms of proper waste management but also community projects like helping out small farmers as the farm buys its corn from a farmers’ cooperative. This is in partnership with Department of Agriculture’s Food Chain Program. 

We are truly lucky that we get to buy meat and poultry products of the best quality and safety. Most importantly, we also help in preserving and protecting the environment by patronizing the healthiest and freshest products from Biotech Farms. And the best thing? They’re very much accessible to us because we can get them anytime at KCC Supermarket!