One Solid Step – Biotech Farms launches Recycling campaign for a sustainable Environment

               We, the citizens of the world, are on a mean streak – we are beating our record for Hottest Global Climate every year. According to NASA, the global temperature has risen by 7.8° C since 1880, Scientists have also confirmed that 2015 was the hottest year recorded yet, surpassing only the year before by 0.16°C. Hi bee! Indeed, we are facing a drastic change in Global climate and so far we have witnessed its dire effects on the world, especially in our country, the Philippines. World leaders around the world are taking different sides to this topic but scientific evidences back the legitimacy of the problem, not only we are experiencing temperatures at an all-time high, but it is projected to rise by 1.133°C to 6.42°C in the next 100 years.

                The release of Carbon into the atmosphere is the leading reason for global rise in temperature. Carbon footprints from industries and massive deforestation are some of the factors that contribute to rapid Carbon emissions. Looking at the effect of Global climate change to our country: we are experiencing record-breaking Typhoons, extended droughts and rising sea levels. From the perspective of Biotech, an agricultural company that aims to uplift the lives of our farmers, this phenomenon can only be disadvantageous in attaining its goals.

Biotech initiates Waste Paper recycling project

Biotech initiates Waste Paper recycling project

                Now, Biotech is taking one solid step for change. Biotech has invested in a recycling project: the Fiber Tray Plant. This plant will recycle waste paper materials and convert them into useful and sustainable products. Construction of this project is already at its final phase and will be operational around the 3rd Quarter of 2017. Parallel to its investment in the project, Biotech will also launch a meaningful and impactful Recycling campaign, starting first in the Province of South Cotabato and hopefully, extending its reach to the different provinces nearby.

                On November 25, 2016, Biotech will officially introduce the campaign to the province during the 5th Environmental Waste Fair held every two years conducted by the Provincial Environment Management Office (PEMO).

                Mrs. Elbie Balucanag, Senior Environmental Management Specialist and OIC Chief Environment Management Division of PEMO, had this to say “We are very appreciative and thankful for the efforts of Biotech in investing in the environment and launching this campaign, it is a very good project”

                With this campaign, Biotech will not only help alleviate the problems plaguing the environment but also help the community by providing jobs around the area and providing also extra income for the people of South Cotabato, especially the impoverished, through the purchase of their waste paper. Biotech is also developing a program for schools that not only provides compensation but also provide additional incentives to help the students with their daily needs therefore promoting educational progress.

                Biotech will always look for ways to touch the lives and create a positive impact to the people in the community. With this one solid step, Biotech hopes that it will be a challenge for the people to take full responsibility for their actions.