Our History

Explore the roots of Biotech Farms

  • On February 2001, we started as a multiplier farm of the Pig Improvement Company (PIC) with initial stocks of 600 sow level from Australia.
  • On 2007, the 2nd phase of expansion consisting 1400 sows was established to complete the 2000 sow level. We imported 287 Genetiporc breeders from Quebec Canada.
  • On February 2010, we started our layer farm with an initial population of 300,000 birds.
  • On April 2013, we imported 1097 heads of Genesus Breeders from Canada for the 600 sow level nucleus farm, and 2400 sow level commercial expansion.
  • Up to date, we have total stocks of 5000 sow level and 600,000 birds, both with continuous expansion.

Biotech Farms, Banga, South Cotabato