Research and Development

Our team provides a spectrum of services that will improve and enhance existing Biotech products, and also uncovering a solution that helps us to launch market innovations. Generating distinctive value through new, improved products and innovative ways to reduce cost is our main goal.

Amino Acid Supplemented Diets Varying in Protein Levels for Laying Hens

A new study from China examines the responses of laying hens to lower-protein diets with supplements of individual essential amino acids. Diets lower in crude protein did not affect egg production or bodyweight yet th


Protein improves health and performance of molted layers

The effect of supplementation with protein, probiotics and symbiotics in diets of molted layers was examined in a trial in Pakistan. From this research it became clear that supplementation especially with extra protei


Effects of Grinding Method, Particle Size and Physical Form of Diet on Digestion in Laying Hens

New research from Germany reveals that feeding a coarsely ground or mash diet stimulates the development of the gut organs, and that mash feeding increases glucose transport capacity through changes in the intestinal


Split feeding meets layers’ specific needs

Split feeding is an alternative system for feeding layers. It 
provides different morning and afternoon diets to the hens. This responds to their physiological feeding behaviour and nutrient intake according to the di