Better Farms

We started our layer farm with an initial population of 300,000 birds consisted of Hy-line and Lohmann breeds on April 2013. Up to date, our actual population had reached 600,000 birds consisting of Lohmann, Dekalb, Novogen, Shaver, and HNN which are carefully selected and fed to produce at least 85-90% henday across flock that will be translated around 3.5-4 million eggs weekly. The company’s layer farm is now gearing for expansion to reach a total population of 1.2 Million birds that are expected to produce around 7-8 million eggs weekly. Better Farm Eggs are committed to produce only safest and nutritious eggs in the market. Together with the carefully selected ingredients in the feed that they eat such as phytogenics, essential minerals, enzymes, and functional vitamins, we can guarantee nutritional benefits in every egg that we produce. All our eggs are certified ‘antibiotic free’ by local and international laboratories that makes Better Farm Eggs the food of your choice.