Better Pork

Through series of genetic upgrades, Better Pork produces not only the safest meat, but also the tastiest and the healthiest meat in the market. We started as a multiplier farm of the Pig Improvement Company (PIC) in 2001 with initial stocks of 600 sows from Australia. We expanded 1400 sows making our total expansion up to 2000 sows in 2007, and upgrade our genetics by importing 287 Genetiporc breeders from Quebec Canada. On April 2013, we continue to upgrade our genetics by importing 1097 heads of Genesus breeders known as world’s largest purebred company in Canada. Up to date, our swine farm is already at 5000 sow level with plans for expansion going up to 10,000 sow level. Our continuous dedication to expand and improve our genetics implies our strength in meat quality. Also, our efficient nutrition contributes in expressing the genetic potential of our breeders giving you the best slaughter pigs for meat production. Our meat products are certified ‘antibiotic free’ as tested by local and international laboratories giving you only the tastiest and healthiest pork meat in the market.